As most of our customers are world class OEM in their own specialised field, there is a need for us to increase our capability to match the industrial needs.

Our Capabilities

A) Close-tolerance multi-start thread machining

We are able to manufacture precise multi-start thread, widely use in camera and microscopy application for quick image focusing.

B) 5 µm cylindricity

Our company is equipped with the advanced CNC turn-mill machines which are capable to achieve 5 microns in cylindricity.


C) 5 arc seconds angularity

With diamond turning capability, we tend to obtain 5 arc seconds angularity for the angled parts which serves as the crucial feature to ensure proper assembly mating.


D) 0.4 μm flatness and 0.18μm finishing

We are capable to achieve 0.4 um flatness for aluminum and copper materials using single point diamond cutting, providing accuracy and up to submicron tolerances.

We also attained impressively smooth finishes for flat surface -surface roughness value to be equivalent to 0.2um.

The measurement result is tabulated using Surface Roughness Tester - Form Talysurf PGI 2540.

E) 2 μm Roundness

Result of 2μm roundness was achieved for circular machining of a 50mmØ shape with our capability of controlling small scale movement.

F) Multi-axis Machining

We are equipped with 4 axis CNC capabilities to machine complex part in a single process. To attain precise specifications at the same time to ensure consistent high product quality.

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